Students are required to meet credit requirements over the course of their four (4) year enrollment by taking a combination of certificate courses (CTP) and courses offered by other departments. 


98 completed over the course of enrollment


2.0 minimum for good academic standing each semester

130 hours with a campus or community employer

100 hours via service learning and community volunteering
Capstone Portfolio

a creative portfolio exhibiting how skills and ideas have developed through student’s UNCG journey and what tools student has acquired for continued success

Course Examples

Students engage in a hybrid model of coursework, taking some ICS department courses and some across UNCG’s departments.

A departmental advisor engages each student to empower them to select coursework meaningful and purposeful to them. Many students start by taking classes that are fun and engaging based on personal interests. Then, as students advance through the program, they begin to focus on classes related to their career field of interest.

ICS does not currently allow part-time enrollment or virtual coursework.

The following table shows ranges for the number of credits that students are required to achieve in each curricular area, and EXAMPLES of courses that students might take for credit, or in some cases, for audit. This list is NOT exhaustive, and courses may change according to availability.

Students engage in departmental and university coursework that focus on employability skills and career field interests. Students are required to complete involvement, volunteer, and internship hours. Students explore and work towards articulating their leisure interests, career goals, and employment aspirations. Typical courses include:

22-29 Credits

  • CTP 393 Internship
  • HHS 257 Branding Yourself
  • CTP 492 Job Development
  • ENT 250 Campus Entrepreneurs
  • CTP 158 Dimensions of Campus and Community
  • FYE 101 First Year Experience
  • ENT 450 Business Practice

Specific Career Paths

  • THR 100 Drama Appreciation
  • THR 130 Fundamentals of Acting
  • MST 190 WUAG
  • HTMT 51 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management

ICS students practice self-determination skills day in and day out of their college experience at UNCG. More than just expressing rights and accommodation needs, students practice skillsets related to short-, medium-, and long-term planning; managing complex emotions in various settings; simple and complex problem-solving; relationships and boundaries; and communication. Typical courses include:

23-38 Credits

  • CTP 104 Principles of Advocacy
  • CTR 314 Recreation Services with Underrepresented Populations
  • KIN 172 Beginning Self-Defense
  • CTP 204 Community Engagement
  • SES 200 People with Disabilities in American Society
  • ELC 381 Institution of Education
  • CTP 124 Human Rights from Global Perspective
  • CTP 324 Directing Your Own Resources
  • SOC 324 Criminal Justice
  • PCS 212 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
  • AFS Introduction to African American Studies
  • CST 105 Introduction to Communication Studies

“Independent living” is one of the top reasons applicants want to attend UNCG’s ICS program. Students engage in coursework and experiential learning to practice independent living skills. We encourage students to build a network of interdependence to help achieve their individualized independent living goal. We focus on financial literacy; housing opportunities; in-home skillsets (cooking, cleaning, laundry, bill payment); leisure interests; social planning; transportation opportunities; and much more. Typical courses include:

43 Credits

  • CTP 190 – 459 Practicum
  • HEA 104 Personal Health
  • KIN 120 Conditioning
  • KIN 120 Weight Training
  • CTP 111 Person-Centered Planning
  • CTP 106 Introduction to Personal Finance
  • CTP 306 Asset Building and Managing Credit
  • HEA 202 Introduction to Peer Health Education
  • HEA 203 Peer Health Education (selected topics)
  • CTP 404 Senior Capstone
  • HEA 236 First Aid
  • HEA 260 Human Sexuality
  • CED 210 Career/Life Planning
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