ICS operates on the philosophy of “no more different than necessary.”

Certificate students are engaged with UNCG equitably to their degree-seeking peers.

Baked into the program

ICS incorporates student support and resources into the program of study, which implements a person-centered planning process across the four years. To align with ICS‘s “no more and no less than needed” methodology, students actively utilize resources existing within UNCG’s campus and community. Natural resources are explored first, with more formalized support supplementing gaps.

Advising process

Students meet with their departmental advisor weekly to discuss their person-centered plan and commitments. The advisor supports students in identifying the resources needed or wanted for each commitment. The advisor can also support students in making connections and getting resources established. While there will be supports students may always need, ICS works to phase out layers of support where possible when more natural resources can be utilized. Student progress is evaluated monthly, each semester, and annually.

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